Tax Filing Services

Navigating the ever-changing landscape of tax laws can be challenging, and with each revision, tax forms and annual tax reports NJ seems to grow more complex. At LP Tax Services LLC, we understand the intricacies of these changes, making it imperative to enlist the expertise of tax professionals in Somerset for your tax returns. Even seemingly straightforward returns now demand a keen understanding of tax planning strategies, especially for elderly individuals.

As an authorized IRS e-file provider in Somerset NJ, we extend our services to encompass the preparation and filing of both business and individual federal and state tax returns. Our commitment to secure and reliable service includes filing state business tax returns and delinquent tax returns.

For those facing mobility challenges due to health concerns, we offer in-home tax services Somerset for added convenience. We specialize in preparing and filing delinquent tax returns, recognizing the clock is always ticking. With no statute of limitations for unfiled tax returns, every passing moment accumulates interest and penalties, potentially turning a tax refund into tax debt.

Our comprehensive tax filing services Somerset NJ, and tax refund assistance Somerset cover a spectrum of needs, from individual and business tax returns to sales and use tax returns, annual reports, information returns, amended returns, extensions, and business start-up filings.

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